Making the Case for AD RMS

I recently ran across this short blog post by Ragnar Harper and I thought it was interesting enough to share.

There is no doubt that how we approach security needs to change. For too long now we have been thinking about building a castle to protect us with DMZ, Network firewalls and so on. Then we are challenged to face the needs of our mobile users, and we need to be able to talk with “the cloud”. There used to be a time when access control at the folder level was enough. Today, you might have no clue of where your information is. So, how is your folder structure going to protect you? The truth is, it wont. You need to protect your information, but you don't know where it goes, or how it gets there.

Using AD RMS the document is secured the same, inside or outside, on your SAN, or on someone's USB dongle. Even when send through email, your information policy is still travelling with the document.


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