Microsoft Office 2003 Cannot Open Documents Protected with AD RMS

The issue of the inability to open AD RMS protected documents with Microsoft Office 2003 has been resolved with a hotfix. You can obtain the hotfix at the following locations: Office Client – KB978551 Word Viewer – KB978558 Excel Viewer – KB978557 Update (2/10/2010) – We recommend that AD RMS users download and install the update for AD…


A High-Level Discussion of AD RMS

Enrique Saggese, a Microsoft Senior Consultant, recently gave a lecture where he explained, from a high level, how AD RMS functions and how it protects content. We have edited that lecture into a series of videos that we are in the process of releasing on TechNet Edge.  So far, we’ve released the following short video…


Kim Cameron discusses OpenID Prototype

I enjoy reading Kim Cameron’s blog. He has an interesting discussion of the use of identity “cards” on the Internet in a recent post. Yesterday at the OpenID Summit hosted by Yahoo, Microsoft’s Mike Jones and Ariel Gordon showed some of the work their team has been doing to help figure out how this kind of…


Protecting a Word Document with AD RMS

I’m making a few short videos for the Windows Server 2008 “How Do I?” site. They are specifically meant to highlight AD RMS technology and demonstrate it for a customer who’s never used it. The first video was recently posted: This video introduces you to AD RMS by showing you how an end user can protect…


Integrate Information Rights Management into Windows SharePoint Services ( WSS ) 3.0

I thought this was a really interesting and detailed article: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 ships with protectors based on the Information Rights Management (IRM) framework. These provide Microsoft Office users with the benefit of SharePoint integration with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS). Unfortunately, Windows SharePoint Services ( WSS ) 3.0 does not include IRM…


Why is Information Security So Difficult?

“…because sensitive information is always moving and transforming.” The quotation is from a webcast (a little over twenty minutes long) recently posted on the RSA Website. Several months back, I wrote about a partnership between Microsoft and RSA to provide a data-loss-prevention solution. In the the webcast, representatives from Microsoft and RSA discuss the difficulties organizations face when they…


How Do I Share Protected Documents with People Outside my Organization?

GigaTrust’s (a Microsoft partner) Enterprise Trust solution has a nice feature for doing that: Automated, persistent content protection is a necessary element of complete enterprise security architecture that seamlessly complements existing perimeter security solutions with content protection. GigaTrust Enterprise Plus provides the tools to automate the protection of your sensitive documents and intellectual property, and allows…


AD RMS in the Press

AD RMS was recently highlighted in an article on the Softpedia Website. The article discusses some of the new documentation available, highlighted on the AD RMS product team blog, to help developers and IT professionals implement and administer AD RMS in their organization.  


AD RMS Support for BlackBerry Smartphones

Liquid Machines Extends Its Industry-Leading Support of BlackBerry Smartphones for Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services to More Than 400 File Formats Mobile access to real-time communications and data can increase the risk of a loss of confidential enterprise information such as intellectual property and other trade secrets. To help solve this problem, the Liquid…


Security Software Market Growth Continues

I found the following article on Information Week, Security Software Market Remains Strong, to be interesting. Here’s an excerpt: Here’s what Ruggero Contu, principal research analyst at Gartner had to say in a statement: “Although the worldwide security software market is affected by the economic downturn, the growth will continue to be strong in 2009 as…