Setting Up the Pre-Production Development Environment – AD RMS

This should be the beginning of a series of posts on setting up the pre-production development environment for AD RMS. I've been taking a few notes as I've been going through the steps. The first thing I learned is that it isn't recommended to "dial back" a production (the Hierarchy registry key is set to zero) environment that you may already have running. It's good to start from scratch. So I went through the process of creating some new virtual PCs to act as my RMS server and my development machine (I already had a domain controller and a database server).

On the Activate a Development Computer step (the fifth step), I couldn't find the Rmactivate_isv.exe tool. After some poking around I found that it's located at C:\Windows\System32. Another thing I learned is that before you run this tool you should make sure that the account you log in with is an administrator on the local computer. 

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