IE9 Platform Preview Available – with SVG!

As the Official IE Blog notes, the IE Platform Preview is now available for download. As a graphics enthusiast and a proponent of vector graphics (and fonts, and resolution independent UI in general) over the years I’m thrilled to have moved over to the Trident side of IE last year, focusing on Web Graphics. Specifically, I’m working with a…


Download the IE7 Beta 2 Preview!

The IE blog has announced the availability of the first public beta for IE7: IE7 Beta 2 Preview. This preview isn’t intended to be widely used by the general public, but if you’re reading this blog you’re probably technical enough to try it. Over the next few weeks I’ll post about some of the features…


Toolbar Compatibility Debugging Walkthrough

In the past I’ve found debugging walkthroughs useful for picking up new techniques. In that spirit here’s a quick rundown of a bug I was investigating today that may have some useful tidbits.   This was a crash in IE that involved a toolbar that I didn’t have the source code for. The issue was that if…


Internet Explorer in XP SP2 RC2

First, I’ll join everybody else in announcing that XP SP2 RC2 is available for download! If you’ve put off installing it, now’s the time to give it a shot and test all of your favorite applications and web sites. Most of the work recently has been on bug fixes, and compatibility fixes in particular. If there’s anything…


High DPI in IE: Tip & Mystery Solved

On his blog (and in a comment on my 120 DPI post) Omar points out a super-secret registry tweak make IE do extra scaling in high DPI mode. IE already adjusts for well-written web pages, but if you’re using high DPI and still feeling cramped on some sites, you might want to give it a shot. I don’t like…


Internet Explorer Wiki

Channel9 now has a section dedicated to IE. Jump on in!


IE in XP SP2 (Part 4): Opting-in to IE Security Features

Many of the security features I’ve mentioned in previous entries are opt-in, so if you have a custom application that hosts the web browser control you won’t automatically be impacted by them. But what about the many great applications that host the web browser control, such as MyIE2, Avant Browser, or iRider? In those cases…


IE in XP SP2 (Part 3): Web Site Compatibility

See Also: Authenticode – No, and never again! and Information Bar – Stopping the modal dialog madness Microsoft cares a lot about application compatibility. So does the IE team, but we have an additional burden: web site compatibility. I think I can safely say that there are more web sites (intranet and internet) than there…


IE and Shell teams are hiring

Want to work in one of the best teams at Microsoft? Both the Shell (as in Explorer, not cmd.exe (or Monad)*) and Internet Explorer teams are hiring SDEs and SDETs. Heck, maybe you could be the one who helps implement tabbed browsing, rendering transparent PNG files, or CSS 2.0.**  🙂 Microsoft is hosting an Interview Roadshow and will…


Security prompt on downloaded files in XP SP2

In a response to my first blog entry on IE in XP SP2, Tom Gilder notices another new security prompt on downloaded files for XP SP2: Also, whilst on the subject of XP SP2, if you download a signed EXE to the desktop and run it, it gives you a security dialog. But if you do…