IE9 Platform Preview Available – with SVG!

As the Official IE Blog notes, the IE Platform Preview is now available for download.

As a graphics enthusiast and a proponent of vector graphics (and fonts, and resolution independent UI in general) over the years I'm thrilled to have moved over to the Trident side of IE last year, focusing on Web Graphics. Specifically, I'm working with a bunch of great people to implement support for hardware-accelerated SVG in IE.

The IE Platform Preview gives a taste of what will be supported, but is by no means complete; it's essentially a snapshot of where we were at a certain point in time. This TechRadar article and the following table from Ars Technica's article give a good overview of the level of support that's been announced, and why. I won't elaborate on the what's and why's here, since I'm just a developer, though I will say that at around 800 printed pages the SVG spec is huge. 🙂

Functionality Platform Preview Internet Explorer 9
Document Structure Partial Yes
Basic Shapes Yes Yes
Paths Yes Yes
Text Partial Yes
Transforms Partial Yes
Painting and Filling Color Partial Yes
Scripting and Styling Partial Yes
Gradients and Patterns Partial Yes
Clipping and Masking No Yes
Markers and Symbols No Yes
Filter Effects No No
Declarative Animation No No
SVG Fonts No No

We're always looking for interesting uses of SVG on the web as well as applications that support or output SVG, so if you know any good ones leave a comment below or send me a message. (I'm particularly interested in highly interactive SVG -- stuff that goes beyond static clip-art style drawings.)

And now back to coding!

- Tony Schreiner

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  1. No.1 says:

    Hi Tony,

    Nice info here. But I have a question regarding IE7/8 – Is there any way to customize the Information Bar such as it appears with my content whenever required?

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