Menu Flickering / Toggling Redux – Any Ideas?

In a previous post I talked about a subtle bug between IE7 and the Office Handwriting recognition service that we discovered too late into IE7 to ship a work-around for, but described how end-users can fix this on their own.

However, a couple users have noticed a similar problem that even affects IE6 and other applications, so I thought I'd throw the question out there to see if anybody else knows the answer:

"I have been having the exact same problem for the last week with IE6. Like Jan above I do not have the "Handwriting Recognition" or "On-Screen Standard Keyboard" options under the "Details" tab. But I think this is greater than an IE problem because I get the menu flickering on all drop-downs in Windows. I just upgraded to IE7 and the problem remains. I cannot use my browser anymore and will have to change if there is no real fix. Any other ideas??"

(emphasis mine)

Any ideas?

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  1. elrosso says:

    I have the same problem! I haven’t found a solution yet, but it definitely has something to do with browsing on the net. It started after the last windows update (IE7, .Net 3.0). If I start my computer, I don’t have any problems. The "toggling" starts after using a webbrowser (Firefox, IE7) and then spreads over the entire OS. It’s like everything you click that is in some kind of list, seems to cycle through that list in an endless loop. It’s impossible to select something out of a menu, or select a radiobutton. If you type something in some kind of text field, it becomes impossible to place the cursor back at the beginning of what you typed becasuse it’ll just run back to the end (circular vs. non-circular lists?). I do hope this problem can be solved because it’s quite annoying.

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