How ! to code

A little rant to prove I’m still alive. 🙂 Here’s a pattern I see every now and then that makes my brain explode. This is a simplification, but the two bools that are named exactly the same except the word “Dont” are real, as is the “partial assert” and not-completely-mutually-exclusive logic that follows. Can anybody explain why you would…


Bad Software

“Wow, that sucks,” pretty much sums up my personal experience attempting to sign up for Napster and download music. I just bought the Creative Zen Micro because my iRiver — which I otherwise like — does not support DRM protected music. This means I can’t go to the numerous online stores and buy music; I have…


MSN’s Tabbed Browsing

In a future post I will talk about some of the challenges relating to building Tabbed Browsing as an add-on to IE. The MSN team has taken on this challenge, and their latest toolbar adds tabbed browsing to “older” versions of IE. I haven’t used this toolbar enough to comment on the functionality, but I’ve…


IE7 Tabbed Browsing Details

I’ve added some details about the IE7 Tabbed Browsing implementation up on the IE blog. Check it out.


Desktop Heap Limitations

If you have a lot of applications open one thing you might notice is that Windows — even XP — will reach a point where no more windows can be opened. For me, IE hits this point after about 40-50 windows. Depending on what else you have running, you may be able to open more…


Tabs in Internet Explorer 7

The IE blog has an announcement about Tabbed Browsing in IE7. One of the reasons this blog has been so quiet over the past few, uhm, months is that I’ve been spending a considerable amount of my time working with a few others on the “Browser UI” team to implement this feature. Expect some more technical…