I'm not sure when the changes happened, so this could be really old news, but I was pleasantly surprised when I visited today.

It's always been configurable, but now it's pretty slick. You can easily add and remove content modules that you're interested in (Hotmail inbox preview, news, sports, weather, entertainment, stocks, etc.) and completely configure how and where they're shown. Configuration is done through live drag and drop... you can even resize the columns by dragging splitters that show up when you hover over a column border! The UI is dense in terms of information, but doesn't feel cluttered like the main MSN home page.

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  1. felix says:

    its’ been like that for a while dude. I was surprise the first time I saw it too.

    Hey, how is longhorn dev going? I’m fascinated with the work you guys are doing.

  2. Would be nice to permit RSS syndication on these modules as the new RSS Headlines for My Yahoo (

  3. enki says:

    Cool. Will be nice from MS to give some parts from it as example app 🙂

  4. jeffdav says:

    It is really cool. It shows how powerful dHTML is as a platform. It also shows off the limitations pretty well too. 🙂

    Enki- View Source?

  5. bruce says:

    This version of My MSN launched with MSN Premium in January.

  6. Felix, regarding Longhorn – not much has changed on the UI side since the PDC release because we have been so focused on security and SP2. Expect more to come, though. 🙂

    Adrian, yes allowing arbitrary RSS feeds would be great!

  7. Romeo Mitri says:

    When I open the My MSN the program indicates that the operation is aborted and I could not open and see my msn.

    Please advice what to do.


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