PQI Intelligent Stick

Last year, when visiting the new Fry's in Renton, I ran across one of these, and bought it instantly:

Sure, USB drives are always useful, but this has one additional compelling feature: it's small enough to put in your wallet. I find it much more convenient to carry and use than the versions that fit on a keychain. The only downside is that they may be more fragile than the "big" USB drives, but I haven't had any problems in the six months or so I've been carrying them around (I have two). If you buy one, make sure you get the version that comes with the credit-card sized holder.

There's also a USB 2.0 version, reviewed at ExtremeMhz.

Highly recommended.

Comments (3)

  1. Jeff says:

    Oh yeah… I have one too, the USB2 version, 256 MB. I carry it with me so I can work on my book anywhere I happen to be. Ended up being like $40 after rebate too!

  2. Gabe Anguiano says:

    My wife bought me a 128mb USB "mega memory" watch. Its a nice watch and its great to have the memory on hand… errr wrist 😉

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