IE and Shell teams are hiring

Want to work in one of the best teams at Microsoft? Both the Shell (as in Explorer, not cmd.exe (or Monad)*) and Internet Explorer teams are hiring SDEs and SDETs. Heck, maybe you could be the one who helps implement tabbed browsing, rendering transparent PNG files, or CSS 2.0.**  🙂

Microsoft is hosting an Interview Roadshow and will be holding interviews for these positions in the New York area on April 26th-28th.

* Who knows, they might be hiring too.
** Standard disclaimer applies. I really don't know exactly what you would be working on, but these got your attention didn't they?

Comments (13)

  1. Does this mean IE will implement implement tabbed browsing, rendering transparent PNG files, and CSS 2.0?

  2. Ok, here’s some truth in advertising: one minor downside to blogging while on the IE team is constantly getting asked when wawa feature is going to be implemented. (In this case I totally deserved it. 😉 Like anybody working on a competitive commercial project, I can’t tell you.

    I could edit the blog to mention three other random features and get the same question. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of good stuff to work on, both in new and existing projects.

  3. This is just a cheap shot but….

    ….how come the .Net 1.1 Windows Forms graphic control supports transparent PNGs but IE6 doesn’t?

    The only reason I ask is that it would seem correct to me that if a company had to implement PNG support they would share the same PNG code library among all the products that needed it. Just wondering…

  4. Jerry Mead says:

    Another cheap shot, but Tantek recommends that the focus should be on CSS 2.1 🙂

  5. chris says:

    are these positions seattle based?

  6. Chris, yes as far as I know all of the IE developer positions would be in Redmond, WA.

  7. ChrisB says:

    "Like anybody working on a competitive commercial project, I can’t tell you."

    Actually other companies don’t seem to mind their employees keeping developers up on what they are working on..

    If you think about it there’s no real commercial risk in letting developers know what features your implimenting if those features are just complience with W3C Standards — especially so given that you’re browsers rendering engine is so old and has such poor suport for Web standards in comaprison to the other A list browsers.

    Also given that you have such a powerful market share in the browser space there hardly seems much risk that Microsoft would suffer much commercial lose at all by letting the developer comunity know what web standards and at what complience level (if any) you intend to release.

  8. Chris, as you can see from our blogs, the IE team beginning to open up more. However, when it comes to announcing new features it’s important to have an official and unified message.

    It’s hard enough sometimes to deliver what you’ve officially announced (eyes being bigger than your stomach, and all that), so it’s best not to further confuse people who are depending on your roadmap.

    And, yes, we also think we have cool ideas that nobody else has thought to implement yet. 🙂

  9. David Candy says:

    No tabbed browser. It’s a stupid idea. SDI should be the only interface model. MDI is just plain stupid and harks back to an application focus.

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