Obligatory Introduction

Yet another blogging Microsoftie...  🙂

I’ve been a developer at Microsoft for about five years and I’m currently working on the Windows Privacy team.  I intend to write about .NET, Avalon, Windows, Win32, IE, Privacy, software engineering in general, and whatever else seems interesting at the time.  If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to send them to me.

I should also say up front that while many of the entries in this blog will be work related, it only because I am lucky enough to have a huge overlap between my personal interests and the things I do at work. Nothing I say here should be taken to be “from Microsoft” or in any way represent the opinions of my employer.

So, what does it mean to be a developer on the Windows Privacy team?  In a narrow sense it means that I’m part of a small team in Windows (organizationally positioned within the IE team) working on projects that relate to giving users better control over their personal information and better disclosing Microsoft’s privacy practices.  In a broad sense there’s a lot of overlap with security and “trust” in general, and this is also reflected in the work we’re doing.  Many of our plans haven’t been announced yet, so I’ll have to keep part of what I do on a day-to-day basis, err, private.  However, I’ll probably do some blog entries about some of the features we’ve shipped with the Longhorn PDC build and XP SP2 beta.

Many thanks to Scott Watermasysk for providing .Text, and, more specifically, http://weblogs.asp.net and http://blogs.msdn.com!

The utility of the day is Perforce (http://www.perforce.com/).  There’s a free download on their site that can be used on two machines -- perfect for personal projects and keeping your desktop and laptop in sync!

Comments (3)

  1. Mr. Joshua says:


    RE: Perforce… what happened to Microsoft’s "dog-fooding" approach to being stuck working with the software you sell?

    I guess I know the answer to that, and should be directing this rhetorical question to the team in charge of Visual SourceSafe…

  2. You wrote that you are working in a small team of Windows. How many developers are in such a "small" team? Or can you tell us how the whole Windows team is structured?



  3. Klaus, I shouldn’t disclose our whole org, but the Windows Privacy team is only a handful of people. There are many many more people dedicate to privacy across the company than just our feature team, of course!

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