XP SP2 fixes

One interesting change I discovered in XP SP2 was that Subspace Continuum — the first and (by far) best massively multiplayer online game — now runs on XP without entering an infinite loop trying to launch the process. This only repro’d under certain accounts, and I suspect it was a bug in their anti-hacking/cheating code, but SP2 seems to fix…


Internet Explorer in XP SP2 RC2

First, I’ll join everybody else in announcing that XP SP2 RC2 is available for download! If you’ve put off installing it, now’s the time to give it a shot and test all of your favorite applications and web sites. Most of the work recently has been on bug fixes, and compatibility fixes in particular. If there’s anything…


Breaking-in electronics

For best performance, you should make sure to break in your cables. Otherwise, you may be getting substandard audio performance and transfer rates – I hear that breaking in your modem cable will let you get 64kbps out of a standard 56k modem!. 😉


Expression 3: Vector drawing application available for download

As others have pointed out, Microsoft has made available a free download of Expression 3, apparently acquired from Creature House. My first impression, having only played with it during breakfast and lunch, is that it’s a very cool app. It has a standard, user-friendly palette-based UI with a few interesting quirks — a good antidote to applications…



I’m not sure when the changes happened, so this could be really old news, but I was pleasantly surprised when I visited http://my.msn.com today. It’s always been configurable, but now it’s pretty slick. You can easily add and remove content modules that you’re interested in (Hotmail inbox preview, news, sports, weather, entertainment, stocks, etc.) and completely configure…


A Good MP3 Player

Check out these features: Supports MP3 and WMA (and mounts as a hard drive) 4 GB storage 10+ hr removable lithium-ion battery Size is 3″ x 2.5″ x 0.4″ for the one standing up, 2.4″ x 3.1″ x 0.4″ for the one laying down. Around the size of the iPod mini, but smaller in some…


Getting the flat menus back in Windows XP

I’m not sure if anybody else has this problem, but after I have used XP for a while the menus seem to revert to an ugly 3D look instead of having the clean, flat border. No amount of tweaking seems to get back the flat menus except going back to the original XP theme and…


High DPI in IE: Tip & Mystery Solved

On his blog (and in a comment on my 120 DPI post) Omar points out a super-secret registry tweak make IE do extra scaling in high DPI mode. IE already adjusts for well-written web pages, but if you’re using high DPI and still feeling cramped on some sites, you might want to give it a shot. I don’t like…


Notepad Replacement

Omar Shahine links to a notepad replacement, including instructions for bypassing System File Protection to replace the notepad.exe binary. As a hardcore emacs user I’ve never bothered to replace notepad, but this would be very useful on test machines or other situations where emacs isn’t readily available. I like how it has syntax highlighting for not only…


Fonts on XP

Scoble and Dudley are having a debate about fonts and I can’t help but think the little screenshot isn’t enough to go on. For one, it’s clear that Japanese fonts are not rendered using ClearType, so that’s a topic for a different day. Right now I want to focus on regular Latin fonts. I’ve put up a…