High DPI Displays

I’ve made several posts around high DPI displays and am proud to announce that every display I use on a regular basis now are high DPI (> 150), both at home at work. The main issue is what I call DWM blurry scaling. Applications that don’t declare themselves to be DPI aware may be scaled…


Windows 8 on MacBook Pro with Retina display

One of the great things about Windows is how it works on a wide variety of hardware. After reading a few articles and blog postings from people who have installed Windows 8 on the MacBook Pro with Retina display I’m unable to find an accurate recap, so this is my quick take. This is not…


IE9 Platform Preview Available – with SVG!

As the Official IE Blog notes, the IE Platform Preview is now available for download. As a graphics enthusiast and a proponent of vector graphics (and fonts, and resolution independent UI in general) over the years I’m thrilled to have moved over to the Trident side of IE last year, focusing on Web Graphics. Specifically, I’m working with a…


Don’t Change System Settings to Perform a Computation

A post from Raymond Chen today reminds me of the first application compatibility issue I debugged (and fixed). At the time I was working on the MSN client and our team was on loan to load balance compatibility bugs for the release of Windows XP. This application (which will remain nameless) had an alarm clock…


HD View – Gigapixel Images and More

Yesterday I stumbled across HD View which utilizes the very interesting new HD Photo format plus many other technologies to demonstrate how massive multi-GigaPixel images can be created and hosted on the web. It’s a nice viewer reminiscent of Microsoft’s 3D Virtual Earth and Google Earth — the native code versions, not the web view…


IE Automation & Tabs

A comment to one of my other posts asked about how to launch IE and open several additional tabs. IE7 does not support specifying multiple URLs on the command line, but another way to do this is to use IE Automation to launch IE as an out-of-proc COM server and then call methods such as IWebBrowser2::Navigate2….



My coworker Jeff Davis posted about IE7 and the cyclical nature of blogging, especially for those of us working on things that haven’t yet been publicly announced. It includes a great ship analogy, and having been on the “critical path” for most of IE7 development (and before that having endured all my Longhorn Alpha work being scrapped…


Menu Flickering / Toggling Redux – Any Ideas?

In a previous post I talked about a subtle bug between IE7 and the Office Handwriting recognition service that we discovered too late into IE7 to ship a work-around for, but described how end-users can fix this on their own. However, a couple users have noticed a similar problem that even affects IE6 and other applications,…


Client-side Code vs. Web 2.0

As a developer who specializes in client-side applications, I can’t help but be amused and somewhat puzzled by some of the types of web-based applications people come up with. A great example are web sites that help resize and crop digital photos. There are actually a bunch of them out there; a few that were…


*Bloop!* – Wow, pop-up ads still exist!

One thing that amused me as I mindlessly surfed the web while stuck in my parents house due to the snowstorm in Colorado was the number of sites that still attempt to show pop-up advertisements — sites like cnn.com and weather.com, not just shady sites. I’m left wondering… did they not get the memo that not…