Co-Administrator doesn’t see SQL Azure in portal


A customer called me recently with an interesting question. he had set up a co-administrator (newly available functionality) for his Azure subscription. However, the co-administrator couldn’t see any SQL Azure instances through the portal. he could see the hosted services and storage fine, but not SQL Azure.

So, I did some homework and asked a few questions, and found out that this is indeed true. The ability for co-administrators to see SQL Azure in the portal has not yet been enabled ( or Windows Azure Connect for that matter). As far as I know, the product group plans to correct this in the future.

However, all is certainly not lost! Just because it isn’t in the portal doesn’t mean you co-admin doesn’t have access to do anything they need to do. Your co-admin can still use all the tools (SQL Server Management Studio, Database Manager, etc…) to login to the DB to do their work. All they need is either the ‘sa’ password, or their own login created.

Hopefully, this issue will be corrected soon, but it’s important to note that work can still be performed.

Comments (2)

  1. eXavier says:

    The problem is that co-admin cannot setup firewall rules, which is quite awkward (especially when tavelling)..

  2. JacquesMonster says:

    If you have a login to the database directly, then you can manage the firewall rules using stored procedures apparently.  (I haven't tried it yet)…/ee621782.aspx

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