New Role, more updates

OK, finally, I have some time to blog again. This year has been amazing so far. I was selected as one of 3 architects in the US to found a program called Cloud 123. We built a program to help enterprises get to the cloud in 3 steps:

  • Define – help understand the cloud and the capabilities offered, and how they might align with strategic goals
  • Explore – applicable strategic goals for each company, and design some potential architectures
  • Plan – Plan a cloud implementation

We built all of our materials for the program, and from the ground up were able to execute this program for ~60 companies. Some were only step one, some started at steps 2 or 3, some chose to implement after step 2. However, it was very exciting to be at the forefront of this technology wave. The program was quite successful, and has been integrated into other processes at Microsoft. I and my counterparts, Tejaswi Redkar and Danny Garber (program lead), received several awards for the success of this program. Also, it couldn’t have been done without the leadership and executive sponsorship of Ken Archer and Kevin Fleck.

What’s great is that a new opportunity arose that I am even more excited about. I have taken on a new role, moving from Services to the Developer and Platform Evangelism group, as an Architect Evangelist for the Azure ISV team. I will be specializing in helping ISV’s in the Central Region leverage the Windows Azure platform.

I intend to use this blog to communicate relevant information, both public successes by ISV’s I’m working with, as well as important cloud information.

Updates coming soon!

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