TechReady 8

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So, I’ve been holed up in my cube for 70+ hours/week onsite at a client since like, October? Haven’t had much time for my family, let alone any research or blogging. Safe to say, I was extraordinarily happy to get to go to my first TechReady conference in Seattle.

I was VERY impressed! I feel much more connected with what Microsoft is doing, and have a better sense of direction about where to focus my energies for the future.

Some AWESOME things are coming out with Visual Studio 2010. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, I am not permitted to share much of what I learned last week. I’ll leave those releases to the product groups.

However, let me point to a few publicly available links from topics I found fascinating:

Windows Azure (the future is coming):

WCF REST Starter Kit:

ASP.NET MVC: (Release Candidate 1 was just released)

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