Live Mesh turns a car into a mobile computing platform

Microsoft employee Ori Amiga has transformed his 12-year-old Porsche into a mobile computing platform using Live Mesh!

The Live Mesh touchscreen puts Amiga’s digital world at his fingertips. Microsoft’s Live Mesh allows you to synchronize all your information—photos, music, documents, and more – among PCs, notebooks, and soon, mobile phones.

In his car, Ori has instant access to his huge and growing music collection. If he adds an album at home, it’s available in his car the next time he starts the ignition.


The MeshMobile is GPS-equipped, and when in motion it’s “dropping GPS tracks into the Mesh” so that his friends can find where he is on Virtual Earth. Amiga also can quickly check the weather and—when stuck in traffic, of course—open Internet Explorer and do some browsing.

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