Europeans vote for Obama….

The ballots from the MSN European "Race for the White House" online poll have been counted and Barak Obama is the preferred candidate of choice for the next US President, according to nearly 500,000 people (497,259) around Europe who took part in the MSN ‘Race for the White House’ mock election to reveal who they would elect as American president if they had the choice.

A huge 85% of European voters opted for Obama over his Republican rival John McCain, who received only 15% of the overall votes. 88% of MSN voters in Ireland put Obama in their number one spot giving him a resounding landslide victory.

For a detailed breakdown of the results in Ireland as well as up-to-the-minute election news, photos and gossip, as we count down to the real US election on November 4th, visit the MSN election special at

MSN Election Map_FA (2)


A country-by-country breakdown on the results with local websites is as follows:

Country Votes for Obama
Austria 91%
Belgium 91%
Denmark 93%
Finland 91%
France 90%
Germany 90%
Ireland 88%
Israel 51%
Italy 82%
Norway 89%
Poland 67%
Portugal 92%
Russia 80%
Spain 82%
Sweden 88%
Switzerland 90%
The Netherlands 83%
Turkey 82%
UK 87%
Sweden 88%
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  1. Obviously each of those countries want to soften up the U.S., which is what they will get under Obama.

  2. tomurphy says:

    I’m just publishing the results 🙂

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