Bringing your photographs to life… Photosynth is live!

Photosynth is a new service from Microsoft Live Labs that changes how you think about using and presenting photos.

You can use Photosynth to take your standard digital photos of a location or object and create a 3-D, 360-degree model from those photos.


How does Photosynth work?

  • To get started take a set (between 20 and 300) of digital photos which have overlap between them taken from from a number of different angles.
  • Visit the Photosynth site at: and download a small, free software application  that works with the Photosynth web site.
  • It's easy to build your own model (or "synth"). Log-in to the Photosynth Web site with your Windows Live ID, click on "Create" and select the photos you want to use. Name it and Photosynth does the rest automatically in the same time it would take to upload those photos to a photo sharing site.
  • Your synth can be accessed from any Windows XP or Windows Vista-powered computer with a broadband connection. If you want to comment on other people’s synths or create your own, you’ll also need a free Windows Live ID.
  • You can embed your synth on Web sites, blogs and social networking sites or virtually anywhere HTML can be edited.

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  1. Marie Boran has reviewed Photosynth over on Silicon Republic. So next time you go to the Notre Dame cathedral

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