Microsoft Releases Live Mesh in Ireland

Microsoft has today announced that the technology preview for Live Mesh is now available in Ireland.

What is Live Mesh?

Live Mesh is a new service from Microsoft that enables you to access your files, folders and information wherever and whenever you want it.

Live Mesh enables you to access information on different PCs (for example on your work PC when you’re at home or vice versa), it lets you synchronize files and folders between different PCs (future releases will add support for more devices such as Windows Mobile phones and other types of computers such as the Macintosh). Live Mesh also lets you control devices connected to your Live Mesh remotely and you can share information from your Live Mesh with other people.

Live Mesh is part Microsoft’s software-plus-service vision. It takes the best features of desktop software and combines them with online Internet services to create an incredibly useful and valuable application for individuals and groups.

How does Live Mesh work?

  • Visit and sign up.
  • Add a device to your mesh by installing the Live Mesh software - on your home computer, on your work laptop, and other PCs, and soon on your mobile phone - so you can easily synchronize the information you need, making the most up-to-date version available on any of your devices.
  • Experience anywhere access.  Any information you put in your mesh is available from any of the devices in your mesh, including your Live Desktop which you can access through a Web browser wherever you are. You can store up to 5 GB of files and folders here, then access and share them from most web browsers.  You can also use Live Mesh Remote Desktop to connect to a device in your mesh to access files or programs.
  • You can add and then share folders. Live Mesh makes it easy to share folders and files with your family, friends and colleagues. The folders in your mesh are available from your Live Desktop and can by synchronized with all of your devices.
  • Live Mesh news keeps you informed of changes to folders and if you have a shared folder then you can see who's changed what when and it provides you with the capability to post messages or chat instantly with others in a folder.

How much does it cost?

Live Mesh is currently being provided as a Technology Preview at no cost.

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