Going to Oxegen? Check out the Xbox Live Stage!

If you're heading to Oxegen this weekend, make sure you check out the Xbox LIVE Stage, which is making its first appearance in Europe at the event.

Boasting a massive 46 sq m, high-quality LED cinema screen, the Xbox LIVE Stage will become a focal point for festival-goers as it will feature live performances and VJ sets from the likes of MTV’s Eclectic Method.

3/7/08***NO REPRO FEE***Sara Jane Wai O'Flynn,frontwoman of 'The Dirty Epics' didn't let this morning's rain stop her from rocking in preparation for the Xbox live stage which makes it's European debut at Oxegen 2008 music festival,for more information contact Piaras at Edelman 02 6789333,Pic:Marc O'SullivanThe Big Screen will give fans the chance to test their competitive edge with some great games including arcade classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pacman, Sensible Soccer and the movie quiz, Scene It. The Xbox LIVE Stage will kick off proceedings at 12 noon on Thursday, and run from 10am each day of the festival until late.  Set in an natural amphitheatre, the stage is the ideal place to kick back and relax for a bit.

If that wasn't enough, Xbox 360 will also take to the main stage at OXEGEN this year with EA Game's massively popular Rock Karaoke game 'Rock Band'. Offering festival-goers the chance to pick the songs to sing along to and rock the world, this is festival fun at its finest. With a massive range of artists, bands and tracks to choose from; including Guns n’ Roses, The Police, Radiohead and The Clash, this is your chance to show the world your rock god credentials.

Pictured: Sarah Jane Wai O'Flynn of the Dirty Epics, who are performing at Oxegen at the announcement of the Xbox Live stage.

More information on the festival is available at: http://www.oxegen.ie/2008/

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