Call for Irish Companies to Donate "End of Life" PCs..

Last year Microsoft Ireland launched a programme designed to encourage companies to donate end-of-life PCs to Irish refurbishers who will service and update the machines, install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows and channel those machines to schools and charities.

0708_MAR_Rehab1 The programme has the dual benefits of reducing the volume of PCs being sent to landfill while making a real difference to schools and charities across the country.

Some of the refurbishers such as Rehab Recycle provide a range of additional services such as reports on what you've donated which is valuable in terms of measuring your environmental impact.

Unlike other countries, there is currently a shortage of PCs being donated in Ireland so we're asking every Irish company to think about participating in the MAR programme.

You can find a list of Ireland's Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers at

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