I’ve never met a Microsoft employee who…

As a consultant working in the field, I am part of a relatively small group of people who are customer-facing (with an emphasis on facing). I am one of the front-line employees who's job it is to assist our customers with implementing our products and solutions. Its both a challenging and rewarding job that I really enjoy.

Another part of my job that is not as visible to the public is working with Microsoft internally. As a consultant, I have many opportunities to interface with our product, support, sales and marketing teams. Microsoft has a reputation for hiring smart people. Based on the caliber of the people I've met at Microsoft, that statement is very true. I'm not sure how I fit in with that but I try my best to keep up with everyone.

One thing that's a common property of Microsofties is how interesting they can be. I can honestly say that I've never met a fellow Microsoft employee who didn't have some interesting facet of his life to share. 

One of my fellow Microsofties has devoted their time to sharing the lives and careers of our fellow Microsofties. Check out Ariel Meadow Stallings blog Microspotting. She profiles different employees. You'll find some interesting people there.

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