SharePoint: part 2 of free learning track on MSDN Ramp Up

After the first part, MSDN Ramp Up just published the second part of the SharePoint learning track. From the website: As a developer, would you like to learn more about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)? MOSS is based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, which gives developers the opportunity to get more problems solved with less…


Patrick Tisseghem, We Will Never Forget You

Patrick Tisseghem passed away on Wednesday 3 September 2008 in Goteborg (Sweden). Here is a copy of the official announcement on the U2U website: It’s hard to believe and understand. I want to express my deepest sympathy to his family and his co-workers at U2U. It’s about 9 years ago that I first met Patrick….


DataSet enhancements for Enterprise Development 6-minutes video

This short session will show you how Visual Studio 2008 dataset improvements makes building enterprise applications easier. It was recorded by our Belgian Regional Director Peter Himschoot. Technorati Tags: MSDN Belux,community,RD,Regional Director,Peter Himschoot,DataSet,Visual Studio 2008,Chopsticks


Using Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2008 video

Microsoft Regional Director for Belgium Peter Himschoot recorded a Chopsticks video explaining how to use the code snippets in Visual Studio 2008. Playtime: 14 minutes. Visual Studio Code Snippets – Chopsticks Noodle Code Snippets allow you to enter much used code constructs in a rapid and error-free fashion. To make you more productive you can…


Upcoming Visual Studio 2008 Community Launch Events

The Belgian Visual Studio User Group is organizing a set of Visual Studio 2008 Community Launch events in May: VISUG – The ABC of Windows Communication Foundation 6 May 2008 – Merelbeke 13 May – Kortijk VISUG – Team Foundation Server 2008 Overview 7 May 2008 – Zaventem 21 May 2008 – Kontich VISUG -…


IntoFactories.NET Community Blog on Software Factory Technologies and Tools

Wim Vanden Driessche mailed me earlier today about a new community blog called “IntoFactories.NET – A deep dive into Microsoft software factory technologies and tools”. It is maintained by some of his team members at Compuware Belgium. Here’s what they say about their blog: Near the end of ‘07, a couple of developers got stung…


Walkthrough of the Web Service Software Factory (Chopsticks video)

Kurt Claeys shows you how to use the Web Service Software Factory in Visual Studio during this 9 minute video. No slides, only a running demo. The Web Service Software Factory (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of tools, patterns, source code and prescriptive guidance. It is designed to help you…


Silverlight: Downloader and CreateFromXaml (Chopsticks Video)

Silverlight is a client-side technology that runs entirely in the browser. Getting content to the client-side as smoothly as possible really improves the user experience. Gill Cleeren created this Chopsticks video as introduction to the 2 main methods that can help you in this process: CreateFromXaml and the Downloader object. In the demo’s, he’ll be…


Essential LINQ to Objects Video in 20 Minutes

Bart De Smet created a 20 minutes Chopsticks video "Essential LINQ to Objects", where he explains the basics of creating a custom implementation of Standard Query Operators. Technorati Tags: microsoft,msdn belux,visual studio 2008,LINQ,chopsticks,community


30 Minutes Intro to C# 3.0 Language Enhancements

During a 30 minutes Chopsticks video, Bart De Smet guides you through the most important languages enhancements you’ll find in Visual Studio 2008. Technorati Tags: microsoft,msdn belux,visual studio 2008,C#,csharp,community,chopsticks