Coding for Fun: Writing Your Own Windows Live Messenger Agent in 30 Mins

Fellow Microsoft employee Christof Claessens explains i a MSDN Chopsticks video how you can create your own Windows Live Messenger agent in 30 minutes. Although I didn’t try it myself yet, it looks like something to explore during a rainy weekend… Technorati Tags: MSDN Belux,windows live,buddyscript,agent,messenger,chopsticks


Steve Ballmer Keynote Video at Mix Essentials

Steve Ballmer – CEO of Microsoft Corporation – closed the Belgian Mix Essentials conference with a keynote on Microsoft’s vision on the evolving web and world. At the end of the keynote, Steve answered questions from the audience during an open Q&A session. This video is recorded at the Mix Essentials conference on 24 April…

Building RIAs with Silverlight 2 video

Learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend to create Silverlight 2 applications, how to create UI using XAML markup and code and how to customize the user experience to create unique experiences for your users. This session is presented by Tim Heuer from Microsoft Corp and was recorded at Mix Essentials in…

DataSet enhancements for Enterprise Development 6-minutes video

This short session will show you how Visual Studio 2008 dataset improvements makes building enterprise applications easier. It was recorded by our Belgian Regional Director Peter Himschoot. Technorati Tags: MSDN Belux,community,RD,Regional Director,Peter Himschoot,DataSet,Visual Studio 2008,Chopsticks