Patrick Tisseghem, We Will Never Forget You

Patrick Tisseghem passed away on Wednesday 3 September 2008 in Goteborg (Sweden). Here is a copy of the official announcement on the U2U website: It’s hard to believe and understand. I want to express my deepest sympathy to his family and his co-workers at U2U. It’s about 9 years ago that I first met Patrick….

pptPlex: Pan-and-Zoom Presenting with PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Labs have just released pptPlex, a new add-in for PowerPoint that enables a new way of navigating through a presentation. Instead of the traditional transition effects of PowerPoint, pptPlex allows a user to zoom in and out of slides with panning effects between slides as transition. During Mix Essentials in Belgium, Martin Tirion…

Team Foundation Server integration with Dynamics AX 2009

A few weeks ago we released Dynamics AX 2009. Great news for Dynamics AX developers: they can now leverage Team Foundation Server for Version Control. Here is a preview video that was created before the final release on the version control features in MorphX, the IDE of Dynamics AX. And there is also a whitepaper…


Deferred Loading in LINQ to SQL

After the post on LINQ and Architectures, this time co-author Marco Russo of “Programming Microsoft LINQ” shares information on deferred loading in LINQ to SQL. The deferred loading of data in LINQ to SQL can operates at two granularity levels: the entity and the entity data member. LINQ to SQL allows the definition of an…


LINQ to MSI (Windows Installer database)

Bart De Smet is back with a new sample of a LINQ query provider, this time targeting Windows Installer databases, or more commonly named MSI’s. (If you want to learn more about MSI’s, you can also watch the recording of “Building setup packages with WiX”.) Technorati Tags: MSDN Belux,LINQ,MSI,query provider,windows installer

Coding for Fun: Writing Your Own Windows Live Messenger Agent in 30 Mins

Fellow Microsoft employee Christof Claessens explains i a MSDN Chopsticks video how you can create your own Windows Live Messenger agent in 30 minutes. Although I didn’t try it myself yet, it looks like something to explore during a rainy weekend… Technorati Tags: MSDN Belux,windows live,buddyscript,agent,messenger,chopsticks


Paolo Pialorsi on LINQ and Architectures

Paulo Pialorsi is co-author of the book “Introducing Microsoft LINQ”, which is downloadable for free (please note that this book has been written for LINQ beta 1, thus some syntax is obsolete now). However, the Programming Microsoft LINQ book is updated to RTM and has an entire chapter dedicated to LINQ and architectures of multi-tier…

Addictive Games in Silverlight 2: Shock and Chip-8 Computer Emulator

Nikola Mihaylov has an interesting blog on Silverlight, but also maintains a website containing nice stuff: Nokola. Warning: checking out the games on his website, may cause loosing precious time. Nikola must be a very nice guy, as he is also providing the source code of the games as a download. The first game is…


Several European Microsoft engineers talking about their jobs

In a previous post I wrote about Microsoft’s European Development Centers. There are several videos on their International Tech Jobs blog that might give you some insights on what they do in those Microsoft development centers and how they are tackling specific software development challenges: Testing the Ribbon on Microsoft Office (11 minutes) Q&A about…


Microsoft Development Centers in Europe?!?!

In previous posts, I sometimes mentioned Belgians working at Microsoft in Redmond. But did you know that we also have development centers in Europe? There are teams in: Denmark – Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen with primary products Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Ireland – Microsoft Global Product Development Team build core (global) versions…