pptPlex: Pan-and-Zoom Presenting with PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Labs have just released pptPlex, a new add-in for PowerPoint that enables a new way of navigating through a presentation. Instead of the traditional transition effects of PowerPoint, pptPlex allows a user to zoom in and out of slides with panning effects between slides as transition.

During Mix Essentials in Belgium, Martin Tirion used a similar effect for his presentation but he developed it completely in Silverlight. Contrary pptPlex is completely integrated in PowerPoint and doesn’t require any coding from you.

Here’s a video the Microsoft Office Labs team created to introduce pptPlex:

Video: An Overview of pptPlex

Please note that software from Microsoft Office Labs are prototypes. As they say themselves: “The prototypes <…> are like "Concept Cars".  They aren’t products or features of Microsoft Office.  Don’t expect them to work perfectly, or be available here forever.” In the discussion forum

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