Team Foundation Server integration with Dynamics AX 2009

A few weeks ago we released Dynamics AX 2009. Great news for Dynamics AX developers: they can now leverage Team Foundation Server for Version Control. Here is a preview video that was created before the final release on the version control features in MorphX, the IDE of Dynamics AX. And there is also a whitepaper available describing how to set up the version control system for Dynamics AX using Team Foundation Server.


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  1. KurtVdB says:

    We are trying out TFS and AX2009 in a testing environment, and we’re experiencing following issues:

    – When using TFS, the synchronize screen does not have the options:

     – Type  and Label (for specifying a label in the repository to return to a specific version)

     – Delete local objects

     (In the Visual Source Safe integration however, these options are available. )

    – Errors at synchronization with the repository:

     Maps, Jobs and Urls nodes : Invalid File

     This was solved by adapting the table SysVersionControlSynchronizeLog,

     methods  "createLogEntry" and "processBatchNum".

    – when working with multiple developers on the same label file, everything seems to work fine (label id’s) BUT after a checkin, not all labels are merged. The result is that some labels are lost.

    We used the white papers for setup of AX 2009, Team Server and Team Foundation Server

    Is there any experiences or additional help with AX2009 and TFS integration?

  2. tommer says:

    Hi Kurt, it looks like you asked the same question at a different location too. The team at Corp is investigating your question and will get back to you.

  3. ben says:

    Hi Kurt,

    The options you mention are available for version control integration with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, but not TFS.  The screenshot in the whitepaper was a context specific to the VSS option.  The whitepaper has been updated with the correct screenshot.

  4. Alessandro says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m trying the new integration between Ax2009 and TFS, and after spending some time there’s a point which is not clear to me: how can I set up a build environment?

    In the previous version (Ax40/vss) I could create a new environment with a running batch job for code synchronization (that was a runbasebatch class). And It hosted the daily build, ready for testing.

    Now, the synchronization class is non batchable anymore, and I don’t realize why…and, first of all, how can the same result be achived?Must builds be managed manually now?

    Thank you for your time and help!

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