Microsoft Development Centers in Europe?!?!

In previous posts, I sometimes mentioned Belgians working at Microsoft in Redmond. But did you know that we also have development centers in Europe? There are teams in:

So you thought all our code was developed in the US? You can keep up-to-date on how it is to work in those Microsoft development centers, by reading their International Tech Jobs blog.

Comments (3)

  1. In a previous post I wrote about Microsoft’s European Development Centers . There are several videos

  2. Glen says:

    Microsoft has many other development teams in Ireland working on products such as Media Centre, Windows and others, including the GPD products you mention above.

  3. Tom, a quick comment on the Ireland dev center — the Global Product Development – Europe team does not in fact develop country-specific versions of software and services; we actually build core (global) versions of features and products for businesses like Hotmail, adCenter, and the datacenters, just like the dev teams in Redmond.



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