Using Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2008 video

Microsoft Regional Director for Belgium Peter Himschoot recorded a Chopsticks video explaining how to use the code snippets in Visual Studio 2008. Playtime: 14 minutes.

Visual Studio Code Snippets - Chopsticks Noodle
Code Snippets allow you to enter much used code constructs in a rapid and error-free fashion. To make you more productive you can build your own code snippets and share them with your team. This session will show you how to use code snippets and how to build and deploy your own.

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  1. This is really a thinly disguised test of zoho polls – but also an interesting topic to me as I get back

  2. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  3. My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio. Anthony Cangialosi posted a link to a new article in Code Magazine on Visual Studio Gallery and highlighting some favorite VS extensions

  4. PHenry says:

    Why is there a language choice for the Code Snippets?  Why can’t it be one less click/step and just figure out what language you’re using.


  5. tommer says:

    PHenry, that’s a good question for the product team… (Unfortunately I cannot provide you an answer myself.) Did you know you can submit feedback to the product team directly? Just go to and submit this question. I’m interested in seeing their feedback.

  6. PHenry says:

    Posting the question right now.  Thanks for the link.  I think the problem stems from a small misunderstanding (on my part, not yours :>).  The problem is I think the Visual C# structure I was mentioning is just a folder structure, an organization hierarchy which doesn’t belong in my opinion.

    Keep this up! I enjoy the short but very informative vids!

  7. John McPherson says:

    Entirely too hard to used.

    There should be an option to just select a piece of code and have the thing automatically added to a base snippet XML and the automatically added to the snippet libray with an option to edit it if you need to additional functionality.

    I’ve tried to do this several times with no luck, the snippet is there but when I try to use it nothing gets inserted.

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