Launching the Belgian Dynamics Community

Recently 2 Dynamics MVP's (Eric Wauters a.k.a. as Waldo and Luc Van Dyck) and 3 Dynamics enthusiasts decided to join forces and start up the Belgian Dynamics Community.

The mission of the community is sharing knowledge and experiences on Microsoft Dynamics products by bringing together people with the same interest. Membership of the community is open to anyone interested in Dynamics, including people working for a Dynamics end-customer or a Dynamics partner. Their website currently has limited information on it, but Eric told me he is working on it. They will have their first event on 20 March 2008, but you can already register to get more information once that is available.

Personally, I'm very happy to see the Belgian Dynamics community evolving. Earlier this year, there was the integration of Dynamics NAV events with MSDN (for developers) and TechNet (for system administrators). Even long before that, we nominated 2 great Belgian Dynamics community people as MVP. Now those MVP's are closely involved in the start of the Belgian Dynamics community.

BTW, did you know that there are currently only 16 Dynamics NAV MVP's worldwide. Two of them are Belgians.

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