"The Region" Aggregates Posts From Microsoft Regional Directors

Quote from "The Region" website:

"Welcome to The Region, global hub for the 140 software architects, developers, trainers and other professionals selected by Microsoft as Regional Directors. The first thing to know is that, while we’re officially recognized by Microsoft and often receive inside information about forthcoming technologies, we are completely independent. We are not Microsoft employees. As to The Region, it’s designed to help us circulate insights, information, inspiration and inquiries among RD’s and among the broader developer community. And it's an experiment. We hope you find it useful. We hope we find it useful, too."

You can visit the website or subscribe to their main RSS feed. The list of Regional Directors is available per region, alphabetical and by recent posters. You can also retrieve posts on just one topic. In my humble opinion, this is a really nice initiative, aggregating information from very knowledgeable people...

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