Jan Tielens, 10th Most Influential Blog Personality In Belgium

After the recognition of Patrick Tisseghem as 11th Most Influential Flemish Blog Personality, B.V.L.G. has now published the other most influential blog personalities (following links go to a post written in Dutch: ranking 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20). At place 10 we find another MVP and famous blogger: Jan Tielens. For those that don't understand Flemish, here is my quick translation of the text about Jan's award:

Jan Tielens is a .NET architect and trainer at U2U where he specialized in Sharepoint development. Jan Tielens is the developer of one of the most popular Sharepoint webparts, the SmartPart. In 2005, Jan was recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for SharePoint Portal Server. Jan's blog, named "Jan Tielens' Bloggings", is a worldwide recognized information source for SharePoint and BizTalk Server 2004. He started his blog in February 2003 and has more than 1.500 visitors each day but only a minority of them are Belgians. His WordPress photo blog is less know, just as his collection of photo's on Flickr. Jan Tielens ended up one place higher in his ranking than Patrick Tisseghem, his coworker at U2U. Jan started sooner with blogging, his blog is read by more people and he has a higher Technorati rank. On top of this, the Google Quotient and Blog Quotient are higher for the blog of Jan Tielens.

Congratulations, Jan! I'm not an expert, but those are nice photo's on your photo blog.

Now that the full list has been published, we know that there are 2 MVP's in the Top 20 of Most Influential Flemish Blog Personalities and 2 Microsoft employees:

  • #5 - Miel Van Opstal - Enthusiast Evangelist at Microsoft
  • #10 - Jan Tielens, MVP
  • #11 - Patrick Tisseghem, MVP
  • #20 - Tom Mertens - Developer Audience Manager at Microsoft (hey, that's me ;-))
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