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Together with a few of my worldwide collleagues, I'm currently at the Developer Audience Marketing Strategic Planning Summit in Redmond. Today during lunch I had an interesting talk with Brian Hsi of the community team at Microsoft Corp. Amongst other things, Brian pointed my to the tagspace beta:

Tagspace is the code name for a new set of tagging services we are developing to support social bookmarking on and associated sites. These services will give you, the consumer of content on these sites, the power to identify, define, catalogue, and share what interests you, in ways that make sense to you. You benefit because you can keep track of the resources you find interesting; others benefit because they can see how you and other users classify content of interest.

Help test out the beta version of Tagspace and offer us your feedback. Here's how:

First, Read These Short Articles

What It Is
How to Use It
About the Beta and the Road Ahead

Then, Do These Things

Install the Bookmarklet & Tag Stuff on
Comment in the Forum
Read and Comment on the Blog

I must admit that I really like the idea of adding folksonomy to the web pages. If several people apply tags correctly, this system will become very beneficial for the users of (example: finding relevant information based on tags that were not defined by Microsoft but by your peers; another example: subscribing to an RSS feed containing only content that meets your requested tags). Unfortunately quite a lot of people are currently adding test tags to the system, which IMHO devaluates the system for the time being. Most likely this will improve once the tool is finalized.

Come on and start tagging!

PS. Brian's team has really cool business cards. Once I get back, I'll scan his team's business card and post it on my blog.
PPS. Also Korby Parnell is part of this team. He has his blog at

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