Video Of Scott Guthrie’s Newest Presentation: ‘First Look At Visual Studio "Orcas"’

Last Thursday, Scott Guthrie visited Belgium for the first time. Throughout the day, he had several meetings with customers, partners, MVP's and the developer VIP's and a journalist. In the afternoon he gave 2 talks for the Belgian Visual Studio User Group. Needless to say that the user group was very proud to host the world première of Scott's newest presentation where he gives a first look at the new features in Visual Studio "Orcas" for web developers. There were about 250 attendees at the event, but I can imagine more people will be interested in this presentation. As the VISUG board did a tremendous job in getting everything arranged for this event in an extremely short time (less than 2 weeks!), I decided to help them as a community member, took my digital camera with me and recorded the entire session. And thanks to MSN's Soapbox, you can now view it here...

Enjoy!!! (PS. If you want to skip the intro from VISUG, start the video at approx 5:00.)

Update 7 February: I've been talking with the people of Soapbox and they are analyzing and trying to fix the issues causing the crash. Meanwhile I've asked the local MSDN Belgium webteam to provide streaming hosting for this video. You can watch the video recording of Scott's presentation here (you can also find the stream so that you can view it in Windows Media Player directly).

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  1. Kris says:

    Is something wrong with the feed? My IE crashed twice while watching this around 8 min timeline. Also I would love to see wmv download so I can view at my leisure as the length of the presentation is quite long.

  2. tommer says:

    Kris: Soapbox doesn’t publish the WMV download url. The embedded player works also fine at my end. You can try the direct viewer: <;.

  3. Jakob says:

    This sucks – IE crashes and theres no way in to soapbox without an invitation. Would have been nice to view the video.

  4. Alexey Raga says:

    Could you please share the video file to dowload?

    If you have no space on the web to upload it I can create an FTP access for you so people who would like to have the copy will be able to download it.

    Thank you.

  5. tommer says:

    Jakob, Alexey, sorry guys, at this moment I can’t share the 80MB video in WMV format. Jakob: AFAIK you don’t need a Soapbox invitation for viewing the video if you click the link I provided earlier (

  6. Ron Krauter says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!!

  7. TravisO says:

    This video is crashing like crazy for me too, on IE7 and FireFox, and it seems to happen everytime at certain key points, 8min and some other time at 11 or 13 mins.

  8. While I’m currently in London, attending Designertopia, the VISUG / MSDN meeting with Scott Guthrie in

  9. Peter says:

    Can I just say how frustrating it is NOT to be able to skip ahead in the stream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuuuuuuppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddd…………. IE crashed way in the stream and now I have to watch most of the video just to get where I was… who the hell developed this piece of crap!!!

  10. tommer says:

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Since some of you seem to have problems with watching the video through Soapbox, I’m going to try to publish the video in another way today. For those who would like to know, it works fine for me using Windows Vista RTM and IE7 but didn’t had a chance to test it with Windows XP yet.

  11. alex g says:

    it crashes firefox too… what’s wrong with youtube or google video? or have you signed away your rights to use competing services? 😛

  12. ljianl says:


  13. Dev.xxxx says:



  14. Nig D says:

    Video works in Opera 😛

  15. Q_chen says:


  16. Mohammed says:

    am downloading the video right now from this page using a special way to get the direct link for the FLV file from the server.

    if you want, i can post it( if the site is allowing this) thanks, and thanks for you all guys @ soapbox for the best content ever.!

  17. David says:

    I can’t see this video, and this url:

    show error message:

    "You are seeing this page because we have detected that you are trying to access Soapbox from a market where it is unavailable at this time. "

    what’s the matter? Help

  18. Video Of Scott Guthrie’s Newest Presentation

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