Bart De Smet Is TechEd:Developers’ Speaker Idol

The Speaker Idol community contest at TechEd:Developers has just finished. And the winner is… Bart De Smet. Bart is a known Belgian community guy, MVP, article author, blogger and IT expert. Speaker Idol was a contest that ran before and during TechEd:Developers in Barcelona and was open to all delegates. During the contest, the contestants demonstrated their…

Video Interview With Anders Hejlsberg

Anders Hejlsberg, technical fellow at the Developer Division, shares some of his thoughts on fostering innovation, encouraging new languages and other things. This video interview with the chief designer of C# is available on The Virtual Side.. Technorati tag: TechEd-Developers

Windows Vista Has Been Released To Manufacturing (RTM)

Quite some buzz at TechEd:Developers around the RTM of Windows Vista. More info has been posted at the Windows Vista Developer Center. Technorati tag: TechEd-Developers

Cool Stuff Around Office And WSS Development

Joris Poelmans is excited about the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Sharepoint Services, which contains Visual Studio project templates for Web Parts, site definitions, and list definitions as well as a stand-alone utility program, the SharePoint Solution Generator. Jan Tielens shares this opinion and lists some of things that make him very happy about VSEWSS….

Official And Community Video Casts From TechEd:Developers

There is quite some coverage from TechEd:Developers using the “new media”. Here is an overview of a few of them. The Virtual Side posted several of today’s announcements in videocast format on the site: Scott Guthrie announces exciting releases Announcement – .NET Framework 3.0 Announcement – ASP.NET AJAX Announcement – Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office…

Read What Bloggers Say About TechEd:Developers

The TechEd:Developers Live Side lists bloggers that are covering the conference. You can find all registered Microsoft, academic and third party bloggers here.

Belgians And Luxemburgers At TechEd:Developers

Belgians, Luxemburgers and TechEd: it is an excellent combination. First of all, I’m very happy to see developers from all major Microsoft Certified Partners of our 2 countries at this development conference. Not only developers from ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors), but also from Custom Development Solutions and other partners. That means that are partner are not only Readying…

Belgians, French and Luxemburgers Are Invited For A Drink At TechEd:Developers

All Belgian, French and Luxemburger developers that are attending TechEd:Developers are invited for our country drink. Together with U2U, we are having the traditional country drink on Wednesday 8 November at the Habana bar in Barcelona. An excellent opportunity to network with your peers. Be sure to bring along your badge (displaying your country flag)…


What Is The Virtual TechEd (Europe)?

Gerd De Bruycker, my former manager and – more importantly – the owner of TechEd Europe, explains the new experience for people couldn’t come to Barcelona for TechEd:Developers. From the website: “(The TechEd:Developers Virtual Side is) A place for those who could not attend the event, as well as those who could not be everywhere at once – catch up on the…

Video: Ex-FBI Agent On Cyber Terrorism

Former FBI agent, now Microsoft Chief Security Advisor in the UK, Ed Gibson shares an insight about life on the other side, cyber crime and what the industry is doing about it. Watch the video. [Source: TechEd:Developers Virtual Side]