Official And Community Video Casts From TechEd:Developers

There is quite some coverage from TechEd:Developers using the "new media". Here is an overview of a few of them. The Virtual Side posted several of today's announcements in videocast format on the site:

NxtGenUG has posted several TechEd podcasts on their website. Amongst those podcasts, there is also an interview with Gunther Beersaerts, the SQL Server guru from Microsoft Belgium.

Grégory "Rédo" Renard (Regional Director for Belgium and Luxembourg) and several of his co-workers at the Belgian-French ISV Wygwam are also taping video interviews. Currently they have following interviews on their site:

  • Eilon Lipton from the ASP.NET team (video in English)

  • Nicolas Clerc, Yann Faure and Grégory Renard, all 3 are Regional Directors (video in French)

  • François Tonic from Programmez magazine (video in French)

  • Bart De Smet, Belgian MVP and community guru (video in English)

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