Belgians And Luxemburgers At TechEd:Developers

Belgians, Luxemburgers and TechEd: it is an excellent combination. First of all, I'm very happy to see developers from all major Microsoft Certified Partners of our 2 countries at this development conference. Not only developers from ISV's (Independent Software Vendors), but also from Custom Development Solutions and other partners. That means that are partner are not only Readying themselves business wise for a New Day, but that they are also preparing their technical people.

Also from the Microsoft perspective, I'm very proud that TechEd:Developers relies on quite some Belgians and people from the Belgium/Luxembourg subsidiary;

  • Gerd De Bruycker is the event organizer and was developer audience manager for MSDN Belux right before me.

  • Hans Verbeeck is overall technical content owner, works at Microsoft EMEA and is Belgian.

  • David Boschmans is track owner for web development and is developer evangelist at Microsoft Belux.

  • Gunther Beersaerts is track owner for the database platform and is technical specialist for Enterprises at Microsoft Belux.

All 4 of them have video's up on The Virtual Side: Gerd, Hans, David and Gunther. Just to avoid any confusion: David and Gunther don't have such a strange voice in real life. Developers at TechEd in Barcelona, you'll have a chance to talk to these guys at the Belgium, France and Luxembourg country drink on Wednesday (don't forget to register).

There are also quite some Belux community guru's here at TechEd:Developers:

Exciting times...

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