Presentations of Mobile and Embedded DevCon 2006 Available for Download

The Microsoft Mobile and Embedded DevCon is the leading event for developers, engineers, and business managers. Download the presentations from the event about the latest Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile® platforms. Application DevelopmentThese sessions focus on developing mobile applications in Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 (including MSFP) using both managed and native code….


Office 2007 Servers Now Also Available From MSDN

The following Office 2007 Servers are now available for download from MSDN Subscriber Downloads (that is, if you have the right MSDN Subscription): Office Forms Server 2007 Office Groove Server 2007 Office Project Server 2007 Office Sharepoint Server 2007  


Download Windows Vista From MSDN Subscriber Downloads Now

As usual, MSDN Subscribers are the first ones to get access to new products. Last week, Office 2007 was published on the MSDN Subscriber downloads. As of a few moments ago, Windows Vista (English, x86 and x64) is also available from MSDN Subscriber downloads for download.


Rafal Lukawiecki on Windows Vista Security and Microsoft Dynamics

Another video interview from the TechEd:Developers Virtual Side. This time Rafal Lukawiecki, veteran top speaker at TechEd Europe, talks about Windows Vista security for developers and the formidable software development platform with Microsoft Dynamics. Technorati tag: TechEd-Developers


FxUserGroup: "Back from TechEd" Community Event (In French)

Quite a lot of members of the Belgian/French FxUserGroup are at TechEd:Developers. They’ll share a lot of their learnings during their next event on the evening of 29 November in Brussels. Please note that they host their events in French. Registration is required. This is their original invitation: Vous vous y perdez dans les nouveautés technologiques ?…


Clemens Vasters and Steve Schwartz On WCF, WF and Connected Systems

Clemens Vasters and Steve Schwartz gave a 6-part presentation on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and the rest of the Connected Systems stack. Watch the video on The Virtual Side. Technorati tag: TechEd-Developers


Bart De Smet Is TechEd:Developers’ Speaker Idol

The Speaker Idol community contest at TechEd:Developers has just finished. And the winner is… Bart De Smet. Bart is a known Belgian community guy, MVP, article author, blogger and IT expert. Speaker Idol was a contest that ran before and during TechEd:Developers in Barcelona and was open to all delegates. During the contest, the contestants demonstrated their…


Video Interview With Anders Hejlsberg

Anders Hejlsberg, technical fellow at the Developer Division, shares some of his thoughts on fostering innovation, encouraging new languages and other things. This video interview with the chief designer of C# is available on The Virtual Side.. Technorati tag: TechEd-Developers


Windows Vista Has Been Released To Manufacturing (RTM)

Quite some buzz at TechEd:Developers around the RTM of Windows Vista. More info has been posted at the Windows Vista Developer Center. Technorati tag: TechEd-Developers


Cool Stuff Around Office And WSS Development

Joris Poelmans is excited about the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Sharepoint Services, which contains Visual Studio project templates for Web Parts, site definitions, and list definitions as well as a stand-alone utility program, the SharePoint Solution Generator. Jan Tielens shares this opinion and lists some of things that make him very happy about VSEWSS….