Looking back at MSDN Belux event on .NET Framework 3.0 development

Last Monday (25 September) more than 600 developers attended the free MSDN Belux event on .NET Framework 3.0 development. According to the attendee feedback, Peter Himschoot and Ingo Rammer rocked the house! Apparently for some people the content was a little too advanced, but most of you appreciated every presentation. So many people were also nice for us in their comments; here are a few of them:

  • "The MSDN events are always interesting."

  • "Microsoft keeps innovating, and listens to the feedback of developers."

  • ".NET is my weapon of choice for any project!"

  • "Microsoft gives me all I want, plus a lot more..."

  • "I'm a MS developer in heart and soul... wouldn't want to trade for other tools and languages anymore..."

  • "It is very pleasant developing with Microsoft products"

  • "Great tools. Great resources. Great community."

  • "Microsoft is doing well for the developers community."

Thanks, guys. Also the people that didn't leave such positive comments. Constructive critism is always appreciated... and developers are a very critic audience.

Someone of the event crew tooks some pictures, which I uploaded to http://www.pixagogo.com/3877614242.

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