Guidance On The "Guidance Automation Toolkit"

The Microsoft patterns & practices team is already active for quite some time. In that time, they've released a lot of valuable information, libraries and "software factories", such as the Enterprise Library, Composite UI Application Block, Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 applications to VB.NET and VB 2005 guide, and much more...

Another of their projects is the "Guidance Automation Extensions and Guidance Automation Toolkit". This toolkit falls under the software factories initiave workbench category at MSDN. From the web site: "The Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) is an extension to Visual Studio 2005 that allows architects to author rich, integrated user experiences for reusable assets including frameworks, components and patterns. The resulting 'Guidance Packages' are composed of templates, wizards and recipes, which help developers build solutions in a way consistent with the architecture guidance."

Jelle Druyts has been diving deep into the toolkit and wrote a series of blog posts on this topic:

Early in August, Jelle also gave a talk on this topic for Belgian Visual Studio User Group members. He also shares his Powerpoint presentation of this meeting.

Some extra personal thoughts on this: I must say that I'm very impressed with such community engagement. It must have taken Jelle quite a lot of time to learn and write that much about this topic. It also shows the benefit of joining a user group, as such topics are not typically covered during our MSDN events in Belgium (you know: "so much to tell, so little time").

Extra resources on the Guidance Automation Toolkit:

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