Business Innovation Event On 9 November In Brussels (Belgium)

Today we've launched the Ready for a New Day event website for the Business Innovation Event. I got following text from our marketing department:

A new world of work needs a new world-class architecture. That’s why Microsoft developed Windows Vista, Exchange Server 2007 and the 2007 Office system - yours to experience at the Microsoft Business Innovation Event on 9 November at Heyzel in Brussels. Mr. Bill Gates, Microsoft’s BeLux executives and Microsoft’s best partners will provide you with all the necessary information on how to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Don’t forget to register today (seats are limited)!

It's pretty clear that you won't get to see a lot of code - if any - during this "Business Innovation" event. Does that mean that developers are not welcome? Well, on the contrary... If you're a software developer and interested to learn more on the business opportunities and strategies with Windows Vista and 2007 Office system, please join us on this event. Just don't expect a deep-technical dive into these products.

FYI: There won't be a lot of people from the Belgian MSDN team at the event, because almost every MSDNer will be at TechEd: Developers of course. If you want deep-technical content, TechEd: Developers is the event that you should attend...

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