Examples of using Persistence and Tracking in ASP.NET

When you are working with ASP.NET you may have the need to persistence and / or tracking.  I have put together two examples, one with shared databases and the other with separate, and included the command scripts to create the databases for you.  There are VB and C# versions of each sample.


When you run the project you will start on Default.aspx.  If there are no existing orders that have not been completed you are redirected to Order.aspx.  If there are any existing orders there will be a link for each existing order.  Click on the link to start processing the order from its current state.  The order number will be retrieved from the tracking database for any order that is at least in the Created state.  You can click on the enabled button to transition the order through the order process.  


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Comments (6)

  1. JaszeerMohammed says:

    Thanks you, this example really helps

  2. JaszeerMohammed says:

    Do you have exammples using SqlWorkflowPersistenceService Object in ASP.nET Application

  3. angelo34jj says:

    I have a question:

    In the interface IOrderService, we have event handlers like the one below:

           event EventHandler<OrderEventArgs> OrderShipped;

    how are these implemented in the application. I could not find anywhere it being implemented and the related database activities.


  4. elpioty says:

    Thanks for this useful and clear sample.


  5. bbajwa says:

    Hi Tom, When tried to open the  ASPNETWithPersistenceAndTracking.exe, i get the error, is not a valid win32 exe.

  6. Raj Vasireddy says:

    Nice example.

    If example had more features like :

    order number : 20001

    Order items: Item1,Item2,Item3 ( Selected from order creation screen)


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