Sample of StateMachineWorkflow receiving events fired in ASP.NET

If you are using a state machine workflow in ASP.NET you need to use the ManualSchedulerService.  After the workflow is started or an event is fired to it you need to make a call to RunWorkflow.  This allows the current thread to process the event, for more information take a look at Nate’s blog.  With Beta 2 and 2.2 there are some issue with having delay activities in a workflow used in ASP.NET, see Paul’s blog for more info on that, so I have not included a delay in this sample.  Once a build post Beta 2.2 is release publicly I will update the sample.


This sample is a modified version of the OrderApplication from lab 4 of the Hands on Labs that can be found here.  The steps to create the sample yourself are posted in the Window Workflow Foundation forum here or attached to this post is the completed project.


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