What did the other 37.5% want?

And so another US election is behind us. Despite the fact that I no longer live in the United States, the presidential race was still watched with interest by me and many, many others around the world. And like many others in the US and around the world I am very happy with the outcome,…


Windows Media Center – Is it still just for geeks?

I was impressed with Windows Media Center from the very first time I tried it. However when we got our first Media Center PC a number of years ago, it was quite a trying experience getting it all set up. Getting the PC to talk to the cable set top box through the “IR Blaster”,…


Dialog Box of the Week

Luckily for me, it didn’t actually take quite that long.


So, what did you watch last night?

When I was growing up, we had two TV channels in my area: ABC, the government-run channel, and Capital 7, the commercial channel. While I don’t really want to go back to that world, I do remember it with a certain amount of nostalgia. While the number options was obviously abysmal, there were some interesting…


How to get money out of your telco, in 37 simple steps

Before I get started, to my point about globally-accessible writing, let me warn you that this post is only going to have practical relevance to Australians. However anyone who has ever been screwed by a telco may get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the story. When I first moved into my current apartment after…


Some bad sportsmanship

It’s been a tough month not to be obsessed with sport. Not that I don’t occasionally partake in watching a bunch of sweaty men on a paddock doing unnatural things to a ball – but this last month has been bordering on the ridiculous. As a lot of people know, Australia is rather sports-crazed, and…


Inoffensive music offends me greatly

OK I’ve been in the Qantas Club lounge far too long now, and before I board my plane I have just one comment: the so-called “inoffensive” music they are playing here (mainly easy-listening ballads from the ’90s) offends me greatly. Playing such music in public should be banned.


I’m It!

Alas, the game of Blog-Tag has finally found me (thanks Jezz and Olaf!). Now that I’m tagged, I need to reveal five things about me that most people don’t know, and then tag five more people. So here goes: I was born in Woden Valley Hospital in Canberra, Australia exactly 7 days after my now-wife Paula…


…And I disapprove of this message

Here in the United States, it’s election time again. Being an “alien” (as the US government insists on calling me), I can only watch from the sidelines (what was that thing about taxation without representation?) – but to my antipodean eyes, the American version of democracy is perplexing to say the least. For a start,…


The Emperor’s New Web-based Office Suite

Every couple of years, the tech media giants get together to hold a secret meeting. According to my sources, it takes place in a cave, deep underground, somewhere just east of Wagga Wagga. The main order of business is to choose the next technology that will be the death of Microsoft… this time for certain. Past…