GAT documentation in a wiki

Here in the patterns & practices team, people are inclined to go wiki-mad from time to time. We use them extensively internally for brainstorming and quick content creation, plus we have a bunch hosted on Channel 9 and elsewhere. A lot of this is due to the presence of wiki pioneer Ward Cunningham on our…


What’s next in the LOB Program?

Not many people know (or for that matter, really need to know) that the patterns & practices team is internally organized into four “programs”. A program is basically an umbrella used to group related projects, with a dedicated budget and core team (although some people do work on different projects that span programs). The programs…


Cool use of GAT: NUnit Converter

Even before we released the Guidance Automation Toolkit, I knew it would be pretty difficult for a lot of people to work out what this was for until we had some useful guidance packages available. The plan is that many (even most?) patterns & practices deliverables will ultimately use guidance packages as the primary method for people to access them,…


Guidance Automation Toolkit now available to download

Get it here! Note that you need Visual Studio 2005 beta 2, and you will need to download and install the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) before you can install the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT). Both are available to download from the same site.


Letting the GAT out of the bag

Weather permitting, we will be releasing the first tech preview of the Guidance Automation Toolkit, or GAT, this week. <Update: It is now released> GAT is a little different to what you have come to expect from patterns & practices deliverables, so I’d like to spend a bit of time explaining why we did it, and what…

A new webcast and a new deliverable

This Thursday, April 21st at 11am Pacific time (6pm UTC), I will be co-presenting a webcast with Wojtek Kozaczynski and Harry Pierson called Packaging Design and Architecture Guidance for Visual Studio. In this webcast we will be announcing an interesting new deliverable that will make it easier for you (and us!) to integrate guidance deliverables such…