See you at TechEd Australia and New Zealand

Just a quick post for anyone attending TechEd Australia and/or New Zealand, in the first couple of weeks of September 2009. I’ll be doing two presentations, so please stop by and say hello (and maybe even watch the sessions!).

The sessions I’m presenting are:

  • ARC302 – Introducing Enterprise Library 5.0
    Be one of the first to get an early look at the next release of Enterprise Library. The EntLib team feels your pain, and have been working hard to dramatically simplify the architecture, improve performance and usability, and inject more of that DI goodness into your applications.
  • ARC303 – Making enterprise code re-use work in the real world (co-presented by Guy Rigby in Australia)
    Most of you would have either built or consumed a component, framework, library or factory before. But why is the holy grail of efficient code reuse so hard to attain? Why do frameworks often cause way more pain than they solve? Come along to hear some good and bad stories that may help your next code reuse effort be more successful.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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  1. John Good says:


    Saw you at Teched (New Zealand) today. Topic it totally out of line with anything else presented here, which was GREAT.

    Very ‘refreshing’ 🙂

    And being only inches away from releasing my own software out into the beautiful big world, there is tons I would like to ask you.


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