Just Released: Validation Application Block Hands-On Lab

Reposting Grigori’s announcement in case you missed it:

Here’s a gift for the New Year’s. We have produced a new hands-on lab on validation with Enterprise Library. It contains 13 exercises that walk you through capabilities of the Validation Application Block in various application contexts:

  • The first 11 deal with a Windows Forms data processing application that takes the information entered by the user to populate and process business entities. The Validation Application Block is used to validate the created business objects before processing them in gradually more sophisticated ways.

  • Starting with Lab 7, the Windows Forms validation–integration feature is used to directly validate the input for the form's controls.

  • Labs 8 through 11 deal with the extensibility of the application block.

  • Lab 12 shows how to use the ASP.NET validation-integration feature of the application block to validate the ASP.NET control's values, using a Web forms version of the simple data entry application from the previous labs.

  • Finally, for Lab 13, the ASP.NET application works as a front-end for a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service while the WCF validation–integration feature of the application block is used to declaratively validate the service parameters on the server side.

The lab instructions are available as a CHM for easy navigation and as a PDF for printing.

There are two ways you can complete this lab set: you can manually complete it from start-to-finish or you can use the starter solutions to complete only the labs you want to. By using the provided starter solutions, you can complete any of the labs in the order you prefer.

Download Validation HOL

Next up is our new Interception hands-on lab. You may expect to see it released in January.

Thanks to the EntLib team for keeping the good stuff coming!

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