Application Architecture for .NET v2 – This time for real!

Those of you who have been paying attention may have remembered a post I did over a year ago announcing the p&p team's plans to update the excellent but now very dated Application Architecture for .NET guide.

Those of you who were paying even more attention may have noticed that the promised guide does not actually exist. At the time of the post I knew that I was going to be moving back to Australia and out of the patterns & practices team. However I left the guide in the capable hands of Edward Jezierski, who (as it turned out) also left the team not long after me. So with both of us gone, the project unfortunately needed to be put on ice.

However the good news is that J.D. Meier, long-time p&p'er and author of all sorts of guides on topics such as performance and security, has picked up where Ed and I left off. You can find out about J.D's thoughts on the guide at this post on his blog, and follow the progress and provide feedback on the App Arch 2.0 Guidance Project Site on Codeplex. 

So the moral of the story is that I wasn't lying - it's just taken a little longer than expected to show some visible progress! 

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  1. W marcu zeszłego roku Tom Hollander pochwalił się, że wspólnie z kolegami z Patterns&Practices

  2. Last week I had the chance to review the frame of the new guide with JD and it’s certainly a live project!

    One change I like is more emphasis on architecture styles of applications. I still wonder how the taxonomy of parts of the application will play out. The original guide’s success (and critics’ bashing point!) was because of its simplicity and it filled a specific gap at a point in time for a specific audience, and from Microsoft! We had just started ‘doing .NET’ in patterns & practices and it was still a big debate (internally and with partners!) whether Microsoft should be in the guidance & reusable asset business.

    With so much more architecture guidance from microsoft now compared to back then, a more wide-spread awareness of patterns and deeper discussions  about process/methodology in Microsoft tool land, I wonder what the ‘right’ guide will look like at this time.

    I trust JD will have a comprehensive and useful resource at the end of the effort, and that he’ll be working with community throughout the project. (And please send a signed copy to Phnom Penh when you are done!)

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