No, not that Tom Hollander

I've been maintaining a relatively public online profile since the early days of the web, back to when I started peddling shareware apps for $10 a pop in the Netscape 1.0 era. And while I never have (and probably never will) climbed beyond C-list internet celebrity status, for a very long time I was the only Tom Hollander on the web in any meaningful way.

So it caused me some irritation when another Tom Hollander, an actor with credits including Pirates of the Caribbean, came on to the scene a couple of years ago. To make matters worse, pages about him consistently rank higher than mine on search engines, and he's beaten me to having a dedicated Wikipedia article. I have been trumped by a B-lister!

Amusingly, I'm getting more and more messages via my blog from people thinking that I'm that actor guy. Most of them presumably don't read anything on my blog below the title, as the content is a bit of a giveaway. However last week someone apparently did read some of the posts and surmised that despite being an accomplished actor, my real passion must lie with software development:

Is this the blog of the actor Tom Hollander - Gosford Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Freezing, etc? If so, HI! You're a great actor, but importantly, your computer knowledge and skills are certain to be an asset to you. What attention to detail!

While I know practically nothing about the other Mr Hollander, and definitely don't have any ill wishes for him, I would get some satisfaction if I found out he was receiving messages asking for advice on Enterprise Library and other geeky topics.

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  1. an adoring dan says:

    What? You mean I can’t auction off the autographs I took at TechEd? Damn, damnit all to heck and back!

  2. Pedro S says:

    I’ve had the opposite problem, when I approached Tom Hollander the actor I was confused and asked him if he had written the classic "Applications with Visual Basic 4" he was totally confused.

  3. Deborah says:

    Hello there Other Tom. I had to laugh when a friend found your comments. I am the webmistress of Perhaps you have been there. It is a tribute site for Tom Hollander the amazing British actor.  I have been trying for ages to get above you in Google. As you may know, IMDB and Wikipedia always get the top two spots.  I am sure that makes you happy though. Tom is a great guy. We had the pleasure of meeting him last year in London. Incidentally, August 25 is his birthday. since you both have the same name you will have to share the limelight. See you on Google! Go to London and meet him some day!


  4. Pedro – lol – I didn’t know anyone actually ever read my VB4 book. How did you come across that? 🙂


  5. Olaf says:

    Yes – the internet is clearly turning against us! its a shame wikipedia was lured into this scam as well.

    when i saw the picture i immediately knew, the real Tom is not some kind of puffy looking brit (the term webmistress confused me for a bit though).

    whats next? Martin Fowler the american folk rock singer? will it become conscious? start graving for world domination?

    we created a monster. its out of control.

  6. Tom Hall says:

    Hilarious…. Funny how much people read eh?!

  7. Marty says:

    The OTHER TOM HOLLANDER….Come on Tom, I used to work for one of those IT research and development companies, I know how hard-pressed you techies are for all those female ‘Hits’ on your site stats! It’s not all that bad…Look on the bright side…You’re not THAT Tom…but there are worse people you could be mistaken for…LOL!


  8. Ems says:

    A B-lister?? Excuse me but a B-lister, he ain’t.

  9. Ems: Sorry, you don’t get to A-list status until random people on the street know who you are. I don’t think either of us Tom Hollanders have got that far yet 🙂

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